Bcl-2-Ome for Mac Users

Running Bcl-2-Ome on a Mac

Below is a description how to run Bcl-2-Ome on a Mac. This procedure is described for general purposes on the Apple Support page.

In short, the file "Bcl-2-Ome.jnlp" is needed. Once it was saved locally on your computer as described in Step 1, Bcl-2-Ome can be started each time as described in Step 2. The file will then always launch the most up-to-date version of Bcl-2-Ome that is available on the website.

Step 1: Obtain the file "Bcl-2-Ome.jnlp" that is needed to run Bcl-2-Ome.

Using Safari:

Upon clicking on the Bcl-2-Ome launch image , a file called "Bcl-2-Ome.jnlp" was downloaded. Click on the arrow in the upper right corner of your Safari window and there click on the small magnifying glass next to the file name to open the location of the downloaded file in a Finder window.

Now proceed to Step 2.

Using Firefox:

When clicking on the Bcl-2-Ome launch image , you will be asked if you want to open Bcl-2-Ome.jnlp:

When clicking OK your operating system informs you that it cannot open Bcl-2-Ome because it is from an unidentified developer. Click "OK"

Your browser saved the file needed to launch Bcl-2-Ome in your filesystem, e.g. under "Downloads". Open a Finder window and go to the location where the file "Bcl-2-Ome.jnlp" was saved.

Now proceed to Step 2.

Step 2:

With the Finder window open, press the Control (ctrl) key and then click on "Bcl-2-Ome.jnlp", then choose and click on "Open" in the shortcut menu.

Now again click on "Open".

Click "Run" to run Bcl-2-Ome.