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FOR2036 Meeting at the 9th Swiss Apoptosis Meeting, September 8-9, 2016 in Bern, Switzerland

The 9th Swiss Apoptosis Meeting (SAM) was organized by the FOR2036 members Thomas Kaufmann (Bern) and Thomas Brunner (Konstanz), and Mario Tschan from the University of Bern, Switzerland. Also in its 9th edition the SAM presented an excellent program with internationally renowned speakers in the field of cell death and autophagy. Many FOR2036 members actively participated at the preceding training course as well as the actual scientific meeting, i.e. Philipp Jost (Munich), Uris Ros Quicoces and Fabriona Murad (Tübingen), Markus Rehm (Stuttgart), Thomas Brunner (Konstanz), and many PhD students and postdocs of the participating laboratories. For the first time, a clinical session was introduced taking in account the recent approval of the BH3-mimetic Venetoclax for the treatment of CLL patients. State-of-the-art research in cell death and the Bcl-2 family was not only presented during talks, but also during a lively and stimulating poster session.

9th Swiss Apoptosis Meeting Programme

Impressions of the 9th Swiss Apoptosis Meeting:

FOR2036 Meeting at the 8th Swiss Apoptosis Meeting, September 10-12, 2014 in Bern, Switzerland

The FOR2036 members and associated scientists met from September 10th-12th in Bern at the 8th Swiss Apoptosis Meeting. It represents a well-established and internationally recognized scientific conference on apoptosis, autophagy and other forms of cell death. The 8th Swiss Apoptosis Meeting was organized by Hans-Uwe Simon and Mario Tschan (University of Bern) and the FOR2036 members Thomas Kaufmann (University of Bern) and Thomas Brunner (University of Konstanz). The Swiss Apoptosis Meeting was preceded by a one-day training course on cell death, organized by Thomas Kaufmann (Bern).

State-of the art research and data were presented during invited lectures and short presentations, and during the poster session accompanied by a happy hour, social interactions and discussions. The well established and organized scientific conference attracted numerous internationally known scientist in the field of cell death and autophagy research, such as Seamus Martin, Michael Hengartner, Jan Paul Medema, Christian Münz, Kevin Ryan and others. Many of the presentations were presented by active members of the FOR2036, such as Georg Häcker, Alex Egle, Miriam Erlacher, Philipp Jost, Christoph Borner, Ana Garcia and Andi Villunger.

After the official session the young members of the FOR2036 met for additional discussions to facility scientific interactions and planed collaborations.

8th Swiss Apoptosis Meeting Programme

Impressions of the 8th Swiss Apoptosis Meeting: