Research focus for the FOR2036 initiative:

The scheme of the mitochondrial apoptosis pathway activation illustrates the various levels on which the projects of the FOR2036 Research Group are focused (Projects 1-9).
The FOR2036 Research Group aims to investigate their research goals in the different projects using innovative tools and technologies covering a range of scientific fields and subjects, from biophysics to patient samples.
Individual ProjectsDescription
P1 Andreas VillungerA1-regulated apoptosis
P2 Thomas Kaufmann Molecular function of Bok
P3 Christoph Borner Post-translational regulation of Bim and Puma
P4(A/B)Thomas Brunner & Tancred FrickeyBcl-2 interactome and computational modeling
P5 Georg Haecker Molecular function of Bim in neutrophils
P6 Ana Garcia Saez Deciphering the BH3 code for Bcl-2 protein neutralization
P7 Alexander Egle Bcl-2 family members in CLL
P8 Philipp Jost Bok in AML
P9 Miriam Erlacher Bcl-2 family members in maintenance of human haematopoiesis
CP Thomas Brunner & Regine Winter Central Project