Project P4B

"Deriving a model for the Bcl-2 protein family interactions during apoptosis induction."

People involved:Tancred Frickey, Annika Hantusch

Although the apoptosis signaling pathways, including the Bcl-2 protein interaction network, have been extensively experimentally investigated for decades, it was not possible, to date, to gain a complete quantitative picture of the way MOMP (mitochondrial outer membrane permeabilization) is controlled by the Bcl-2 family.
Systems biology models can be a very helpful tool in investigating such regulatory networks, as they provide the basis for a systematic investigation by an iterative procedure of experimental investigation, computational simulation and analysis. We aim to generate a computational model of the Bcl-2 protein interactions and the mechanism by which they regulate the intrinsic pathway to apoptosis. The model will be trained on and subsequently refined by experimental data generated by the consortium and serve to generate novel predictions about further, so far unexplored, properties of the interaction network.